Why do we see the sun yellow?

Why do we see the yellow?


Seen from Earth , the Sun appears yellow due to the interaction of sunlight with the molecules that make up the atmosphere, but is on the horizon is red because the light is decomposed by the Earth ‘s atmosphere. Indeed, seen from space, looks white. “Its color changes depending on the composition of the atmosphere,” says José Franco, scientist at the Institute of Astronomy at UNAM. Thus, photons are scattered at certain angles when interacting with atom gases and particles in the atmosphere, altering the colors perceived.

The moon has no atmosphere?

Even before the human being conquered, he had ancient myths about the composition and origin of the Moon. “They thought it was just a giant accumulation of ruins left in the early formation of the solar system , essentially a huge meteorite , ” says Lynette Madison, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center NASA in Houston. “The scans proved that this is not the case and we now know more about their origin.”

Today it is known that the natural satellite of the Earth has an almost negligible atmosphere. Because of its low gravity, the gaseous envelope surrounding it is less of a part cienbillonésima atmospheric density of the Earth at sea level.

It has been detected minimal presence
of some atoms of sodium, potassium, argon and helium, but the area lacks protection against solar radiation.

Neil Armstrong himself recalled this lack of atmosphere: “Although logic would have said dust clouds made landing on the moon there was no due to the lack of atmosphere, it was surprising lack of dust.”

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