Miss Anambra lesbian video: See what her friend said about Chidinma Okeke

chidinma okeke miss anambra

A friend of Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke whose viral lesbian act video flooded social media came out to defend and support the under fire beauty queen on her facebook page.

“Before you share that video, before you pass that gist around,I think you should consider this;

It is true, that you may not know her personally, but remember she is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s favorite neice, someone’s grand daughter, she is human, and you are human. And we all as human beings are gifted with a conscience.

Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come.” {Luke 17 vs 1}

For some others you may say “Finally she has fallen, finally this evil has befallen her, what is my concern?” Shakespeare wrote “the evil that men do lives after them”, sadly for some,it catches up with them in their lifetime.

Every human life has value, her life nonetheless has value.If you are and were not responsible for creating her,if indeed you don’t know what it is to create a human life,then don’t write her off just yet.

She can still rise from this a better person, we already have issues in this country, we already have issues In the world at large, such as global warming, terrorism, poverty, etc

I don’t see how her case can help solve this problems, so I choose to stand by her.

I would not justify her actions but I would rather not pass a death sentence on her.I will rather stand by her, even though I’ve met her before. I choose to express faith in her,not in who she is or was,but in who she can be!

Finally,this should serve as a lesson to us all, to never allow our circumstances dictate our actions, never allow the pressures of the present deviate your vision and cause you to forget who you are.she’s a homily girl…I’ve been with her so many tyms…dont think she can do it… #Istandwithher#”

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miss anambra leaked video

miss anambra lesbian video

Now the BIG question now is..Does it mean that miss Chidinma lied that the video being “photoshoped” cus this post by her friend contradicted her claims

  1. Bond Peters says

    The girl or Lady act is too bad against African cum Igbo morals, but many of us here enjoying the video and calling her names does something worst than her. She should accept my sympathy. But who ever expose the video will receive in 100 folds worst punishment and wrath than she will receive. because as i can see this is all setup and blackmail. I didnt see her reacting as someone that does that regularly. She didnt see any facial or body language that shows excitement that she is a lesbian. unlike the lady doing it with her. Who so ever that upload that video should take it down. apologies to the girl and to her family. This why Nigeria will never grow up. people jealously killing others career.

  2. Ezehson says

    people really derive joy in seeing others pulled down….whoever did this is even more worst than the devil but the repercussion is inevitable.

  3. Cynthia says

    I really pity chidimma.. But advice people should stop criticism.. No one is a saint here.. I dnt care whether its true or not.. Its her life.. We have no right to judge her

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