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Last Updated on: October 2nd, 2017


is a peer-to-peer donation and mutual aid fund scheme for members to help other members in an efficient way. By using this scheme, members gives and receives donations from each other.

It was founded by a team of enthusiastic humanitarian specialists who wanted to overcome the routine and create a platform that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of humanitarian and financial empowerment services.


TwinKaS works like MMM but not actually like MMM cus you’ll get 200% return of any amount you donated. Another sweet part of it is that there aren’t any obligations to force members to join your downline. No Spillover function. The system is designed for automation. So no need to look for people to refer before you can be paid.

When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either N5000, N10,000, N20,000 or N50,000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 200% (i.e. 200% of N5,000 is N10,000, 200% of N10,000 is N20,000, 200% of N20,000 is N40,000 and 200% of N50,000 is N100,000).

TwinKaS has different levels categorized to accommodate the specified donation amount. The higher your level, the more money you can earn

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Amount you
Amount you


300% xmas


N5,000 N10,000 N15,000


N10,000 N20,000 N30,000


N20,000 N40,000 N60,000


N50,000 N100,000 N150,000




TwinKaS was designed to pay out  typically on or before 21 days but You can join and get paid same day so it all depends upon the flow at which members joins the platform,


Before you join/create account with twinkas make sure you can make your payment to whoever you’re being merged with else the system will remove you after 24 hours.

To register Click here to create your winKaS accountClick Create Your Account Now in the new page that will open, Then select the level you want to start from by clicking Sign UP at the list of the level you want.

Twinkas package levels

After that a new page where you will fill your details will open. after filling all the details, click Create Account and you’re done.

Twinkas registration

Before you will be able to see who you will pay to, you must select a package, so just scroll down on your Twinkas dashboard and click on Join a package now for you to see who you will pay to.

how to see who to pay in twinkas

NOTE: Always remember to submit payment proof after you have made payment cus without it your payment will not be confirmed.


You can equally join our MMM TEAM Here, we will teach you how to get 100% return in a 30 days


      • Am Chinese Ajie I suppose to receive my money but I have not receive any call until this night somebody called me to know if am expecting anything from twinkas and I said yes she asked me how much am expecting and I told her and she said that she will pay me so after sometimes she called me and ask if I have receive alert and I answered no so I asked her the name she saw before paying the she called my upline name so I became confused pls what will I do because I cannot enter my site for the past two days thanks

      • freenzy, I hv taking my tym to go through everyones post, and I have realized that ur grounded very well into the system, pls I wants to get registered now and I want you u to put me true pls.can I hv ur contact, in case argent circumstances pls.
        thankz and continue doing the good job.

    • Hello…can one bank acct details be used for two different accounts…If yes,how can i edit the bank details cos it seems to be telling me that i cant..

  1. I paid someone bt wasn’t able to upload the evidence of payment cos of network and my time will elapse before 8:00gmt.what will be my fate?

      • I paid somebody since 31 Dec but for the past two days now I cannot enter my site. So somebody called me this evening just to know if am expecting anything from twinkas and I answered yes and she asked me the amount am expecting and I told her she said that she will pay me I said OK,so I was surprised when she called me again to comfarm the payment I told her that I didn’t see the money so she was like mad with me then I asked her to tel me the name she paid to she called the name of my upline so now I don’t understand what is happening pls help me thanks and I cannot enter my site anymore for the past 2days now.

          • I have reported nothing was done pls I need an urgent reply because as u can see am loosen my 50,000 even now I cannot enter my account.

          • Comment here… pls tell me what did u do cos I can’t access my site, someone paid his money to muy acct but I can’t activate it. seriously this is painful cos the guy has been insulting me too much. what do I do? plsss help me

          • Tell the guy to click on acknowledge payment under your profile on his dashboard. Then fill out the payment details or upload the screenshot of the teller and click upload. You will now see awaiting activation beside his profile on your dashboard. click activate and input your 4 digit pin and activate.

      • Admins pls help me and check my account, I cannot enter my site again please something is seriously wrong with my account

          • The people that suppose to pay me will cal me and pay to my up line’s account and she denied everything until I cal them again they said that the person have already activate them but the woman is still deniying the payment, I cannot enter my site again pls my 50, 0000 is gone pls help me

  2. I was given a sponsor to pay to which i did,tried uploading my bank details only for me to be told not to pay d sponsor that the system detected over matching.what do i do? I av already made d payment jus waiting for confirmation frm d person.

  3. Pls in a situation where by you’re expected to pay and the site is undergoing a maintenance which resulted on you being unable to upload, will you be blocked?

  4. Pls have bon matched to pay a sponsor n d site ils telling me not to pay to My current sponsor yet ,, n der’s no way to log un, n My time is running, wat shld i do pls i need reply,,gudmrning

  5. Comment here…I’m Egbeocha ogonna Samuel,I made a donations to someone yesterday being 4th Jan,I uploaded and d lady confirm my payment,late in d night yesterday I receive a call from Twinkas telling me DAT I hvnt uploaded my mode of payment,I try all I could do but to no avail,pls sir what can I do

  6. Pls, I paid my sponsor yesterday, but he was yet to confirm me and the next thing I saw was”that I should not pay my current sponsor. What do I do?

  7. I have made payment to my sponsor of 20k wanted to upload my teller I used to pay on my dashboard only for me to see dat I have been matched with another sponsor of 50k and now I can’t upload the teller to be confirm the time ran out. Wat should I do

    • go to switch account and selct the 20k or 50k option. you’re running 2 packages, so you have to switch when you want to check any of them. you cant check both at the same time

  8. I am yet to be fully paid by the 3rd person, and first account suspended and now don’t pay to a sponsor… it’s all confusing. what’s going on? the new person I registered can’t view anything cos he shouldn’t pay after he made payment and activated? getting tired of daily difficulties here. others willing to join are looking else where.

  9. not bin fully paid. can’t access my account. my friends too can’t. people I joined before got paid without issues. my downline is worried. he is been told not to pay and he has been activated, me too told same thing even though I am waiting for my full payment so I can upgrade. others that would v registered are no longer interested. they think it’s a scam. I am a bit worried

  10. pls i have paid my sponsor yesterday 04-01-2017,immediately i uploadded the proof of my payment the site went off,and ever since then i cant login into my account to know maybe the upload was successful. also,when will the site be open properly? thanks

  11. Pls wen u use mobile banking to transfer money to ur sponsor,wats d evidence to show dat u hav paid nd hw r my going to upload my payment details

  12. pls my referral filled the payment details without any proof of the said transfer and no money has gotten to my account and it is showing activation awaiting, how do I go about that? I registered before Christmas and only one person has paid me since then.

  13. I have been expecting to be matched since Thursday yesterday, but when I tried to login I system showed ,Oops! Do not pay to your current sponsor. We have detected some over match. We will be back in less than 12 hours.but is been more than 12hours nah.what is going on?I don’t expect sure ooo.people are worried about the site,thousands of people that wants to register can’t register because of this issue now,please we need the site back.please!

  14. This maintenance is taking too long oo. Pls precisely when can we access our dashboard, so we don’t have to be worried. The panic is growing by the day since January 3rd. Plssss when?

  15. Pls am worried, i opened nd i was matched on d 4th of jan, i paid same day but i av been unable to check if d upload of my evidence of payment was successful, even d guy i paid av been unable to comfirm my payment due to system maintenance, its taking 2 long pls nd i was given 22hrs of which as expired, am confused cus i dnt knw if i wil b blocked since my payment has nt b comfirmed since 4th.

  16. I have report to admin that my sponsor is not confirming but admin and the person are doing nothing what should I do. my whatsapp number 07039148537 I really need help

  17. Comment here…hi is the site opening now? I want to register, I don’t want the network issues to delay the process for me

  18. Comment here…pls I made payment to my sponsor since morning, he has seen it, but av not been confirmed after he told me that he has confirm me,,,,pls what should I do?

  19. Pls one of my referal do not want to pay me please what should I do to that referal…reporting this to the admin pls help me

  20. People that were to pay me has not pay me,it is only one that have paid me and is remaining 1hr left in their time.how i can i get the remaining two to pay me when their elapse.will there match if another person to pay me.pls i need help

    • Read the post well.. It was stated on the site and in this post that it takes maximum of 21 working days. You can get your money anytime within the 21 days but will not pass it.

  21. Pls am new member. My payment timing already counting and still not able to identify my sponsor. Pls where can I locate the person am to paid.

  22. Why can’t we get a sponsor? Registered myself as well as 3 other persons snce on the 6th of jan but d system could not give any if us a sponsor. Anytime I login and click to get a package as well as a sponsor is either I see rebooting, overload reconnecting, initializing and d cycle continues with rebooting. Pls what is d meaning of that?

  23. Comment here…pls I made a mistake while chooseñing the amount I wanted to do.its soppose to b 10 thousand and I mistakenly clicked 50 thousand what do I do?

  24. Good day, i made payment on 7th Jan, but i cant open my account to see if ‘ve been matched to get my money. What do i do? And how long will it take me to get back my money?
    I am new in this community, please i need answers. Thanks

    • There details will appear on your referrals on your dashboard. It takes maximum of 21 days. Meaning you can get it anytime e.g 5days, a week etc but it will not exceed 21 days

  25. Hello frenzy i hope Twinkas is not fake i paied 50k today the person has received the cash but cnt access my accnt now i need to upload my teller the time is out what do i do i have been trying to login in since 11am after paying the money, i have sent a mail no response if i go to login in it shows me pictures of 6, Arabic men

  26. Pls help,I’ve just transfer money into my sponsored account and i have uploaded the proof of payment,now they’re telling me to wait for the response from my sponsore or i should call Bt the number is not going what should I do?

    • The response you got is the right one.. Keep calling your sponsor to confirm you.

      Its always wise to call your sponsors before making payments so they will be ready for account confirmation.

      • Am facing same problem now. My brother who I register for has been calling the sponsor since yesterday, her phone is switched off. He has 6hrs left. He can’t pay just like that because no body will confirm him. What should he do ?

        • I was matched to pay a sponsor 50k, but the number on her dashboard doesn’t exit and i have 10 hours left. if i don’t make the payment i will be blocked. ooh well, its advisable not to pay because who will confirm or activate payment. if she doesn’t call me i wont make payment. Is there a way to reopen the account after being blocked?

  27. Pls my activation is still waiting for my sponsored response since yesterday and i have uploaded my proof of payment,his number is not going what should I do?

  28. U said after my payment that the system will automatically EXIT me,so I want to know if someone can still join again with the same account and also move to another level THANKS

  29. Pls i join twinkas today..have done all the neccessary registration….hv been trying to choose a package its just sayin reconnecting to server…pls what shuld i do

  30. Am already on classic got confirmed today but mistakenly activated the ultimate package how do I deactivate the ultimate package since I can’t be able to pay

  31. Good morning! Pls I pay my referral through transfer which he admit of receiving alert yesterday evening, am to upload d details but d network isn’t going through by d time I will try in d night d time has expired, they were telling me dat login error dat d email or username is not found and I have paid. Pls what can I do. Don’t know whether i ve been blocked

    • It isn’t. I got paid twice now. Did the classic package(5,000) first to test it after i got my money (15,000 including Xmas bonus), i then did the ultimate package(50,000) got paid 100k from two people after 6 days.

  32. Comment here…please three person were supposed to pay me but two guys did but want lady scam me and send fake prove of payment so I though net work was the cause I have to activate her since 1 hour was left only to find out he was playing me scam, what should I do to deactivate her or get back my pay

  33. Comment here…my name George adirien I was trying to login to confirmed there payments but unable to login plz help me

  34. Why is that after paying my sponsor and he confirmed my payment,I can longer login into my account. What is happening. My name is fortunateman, pls i need an urgent reply.

  35. Comment here…plz i registered 20k on the third or second of january. After eight days i was given three downlines only two paid the remaining one dint pay so, he was automatically removed bt has not been replaced till nw bt the other i did 5000 naira immediately d counter reached zero was matched wif someone else. Plz what will i do nd i clicked exit from the 20k package nd i havnt been matched wif the last person

  36. Comment here… I was given three downlines after 8days of registratn starting from second or third of january two paid d other dint up till nw i avent been matched nd i clicked exit from package. Plz i dnt understand help me out will i still b matched

  37. pls I paid my sponsor yesterday, and she activated me. Then I was shown that I am now a sponsor with my current package. and my dashboard details. this morning wen I log in, I didn’t see my current package n dashboard again. pls help.

  38. Pls i registered today i was assigned to someone to pay him i hv been trying to reach him but is number is switched off.what do i do.

  39. pls my sponsor called me to pay him and its against d rules on twinkas, should I proceed with d payment or leave it? my time is remaining 11hrs. What should I do?

  40. Pls someone paid me but can’t ascess his account dey kip telling him logging details nt found and I need him to upload so I can confirm him.how do I help him pls he does nt hv much time left

  41. Pls i joined a package and they matched me to pay so pls if pay it’s going to take how many days for me to be pay back????
    Pls ur number?

  42. Please i registered some people..but they said they aren’t doing it anymore for reasons i dont know of..and on my pending e wallet their 5% is there…hope it wont affect me if the people thatvi refer are not doing again

  43. Hello, pls i just joined twinkas, i tried to pick a package but its been showing ”’rebooting in few minutes..”’ like forever now…what do i do?

      • hello….please I alrdy paid my sponsor nd it’s like she has confirmed me, but I can’t upload the payment detail yet cos I can’t find where to upload it, how do I do that.?

        I filled the Edit Acknowledge info with the payment I made nd my sponsors account details, is that OK, did I do the right thing and do I still need to upload payment evidence?

        How do knw wen i ‘m paired with someone to pay me, will it appear on my dash board?

  44. Please I want to do the of 5000 naira but after my registration what am seeing was now 50,000
    I want change it but I don’t know what to do

  45. i am a new member in twinkas, i have made a payment to my sponsor, and i have called him, how will i know that my sponsor have confirm the payment.

  46. so many complain, is there no body to say good things about twinkas, so others can join. is there any persons or people hat thave benefited …. please say something and dont chop alone and make twinkas a good place for others to join because the complains are discouraging.. Thanks

  47. Freenzy I have registered 10 people today and if I want to get sponsor it will b telling me resource temporary unavailable and it have been doing so since 10pm yesterday night please reply so that I will know what to tell them

  48. Please its showing shut down please how long will it take the server to come up and since i paied some onei haven’t been matched to for anyone to pay me hope all is well what do i do

  49. I want to join but I don’t have a referral…
    what can I do next.. in other to be register this… also the site… to login in.. or sign up… initial…

  50. I want to register now hope their system is up n running n how soon will I get my money back,, Also If I collect my money back can I continue

  51. Comment here…i was used my phone an registerred myself,and they hv provide sponsor for me to pay him and i did,he activate the payment.so wil i be paid

  52. So I wil hav to register first,den in 21days time,i wil pay in my money,or I wil register nd also pay in my money dat same day?

  53. Twinkas is better for now more than any others I have joined. I don’t know of others but my payment comes in less than 2 weeks.

  54. Pls, am new and I want to register in ULTIMATE(#50,000) but, can I register 3(50k ×3) with one name, one email, one phone number and all in one account number???
    Pls, someone should kindly advise/direct me on what to do….
    God bless

    • No..

      You can use one Twinkas account to join different packages but in case you want to do 50k three times, you need to create three twinkas account with different email address, username and maybe phone number.

      • Thanks for d info…I did as u directed also, I’ve paid d sponsors and they’ve confirmed it.
        Now, going through my Twinkas personal data…I realized that my upliner(my sis registered me) made a mistake in one of my bank account number but d rest are correct and trying to edit it…I couldn’t cos it says that it can be edited ones.
        What can I do to edit and if not what do u advice?

    • No one reffered me to twinkas, I just saw it online and start the registration procedures online. In other words no referral link. Hope it will not affect my payment after paying to the person they assigned me to pay

  55. Pls I registered my first and the system automatically gave me a sponsor but a different person to pay. I made d payment and he activated me on Tuesday. Till 2day I have nt bin matched with someone to pay me but the person that registered wit me d same day has bin paid. She used a sponsor’s link. Is it possible that they paid her faster cos she used a sponsor’s link unlike me that just registered myself? Pls freenzy reply

  56. Their’s dis format in phone number dey said I shld put in d box (080x 070x format) but any hw I put d number even different number keep saying incorrect.

  57. Pls someone shld help I can’t put my phone number while registering. Keep telling me incorrect phone number. What’s d format pls.

  58. good morning Femzy, please how can I register on twinkas and register other too? will appreciate it this question is treated with urgency. thank you sir in anticipation.

    • Follow the instructions in the post to register.. You can equally use your oen referral link to register by clicking Invite link on your twinkas dashboard. There you will see your own referral link

  59. Pls how does dis current wallet works and hw can I get my commission from the current wallet cos it is said that wen its 10k and above u can withdraw but haven’t seen anything in my bank account or alert so pls hw? And wat do I do

  60. Pls I want to register more persons is still on maintainance, they are really disturbing me to register them. And today is Tuesday 24 but d site is still on maintenance. Pls wen will it be opened?

  61. Hmmmm you have been the one answering all questions since and now, u are no longer an agent, ? Hmmm ok o. Anyway its 3:24pm Twinka is still on maintenance.. Ok o… Let’s see what will happe next

  62. Comment here… i am still waiting oooohh let them open make i get my alart for waiting i work down bcos i don pay since make dem pay me too

  63. U guys should give freenzy some space please he has been doing a good job representing twinkas by putting u guys through but that no mean he is an admin. He is just a member like you guys pls

    • After the maintenance i noticed my activation code is showing anymore.and my downline is waiting for me to activate him.whatcan i do

  64. Comment here…pls av paid 50,000 since last week Monday to my sponsor. d person DAT introduce me twinkas told me I will get paid after 5 day its 9 days now,nobody called me pls freenzy wot shld I do? also I wanted to register somebody for 20000 package n s not opening since last week Tuesday pls can I change to 10000 cos DAT was wot s available for nw.pls hope it won’t affect him f I do so. waiting f ur reply frenzy.Tanks so much

  65. Comment here…Pls l paid 5000 on Tuesday 17 and was activated the same day,but since then i have not been matched. Pls Frenzy what is the problem?

  66. Freenzy pls I registered 50000 for someone and myself and others 20000 nd paid since last week Wednesday till today we have nt been merged to be paid and today is one week new wat should I do pls

  67. Hello frenzy pls i just joined and made payment today how long will it take for me to get paid since ive fulfilled my own payment cos some persons are saying four to five days while I read that its on or before 21days…tnxxxx

  68. plz am a new member o. I registered last night and paid 5k today. Only for me to upload the teller and could not log in since 10am. Plz my time should be up by now. What am I to do. Though I called the person I paid to and she got d alert bt said she can’t do anything except I upload d teller . Plz what should I do

  69. plz I just paid someone and I hav been trying to login to upload my payment but network is bad,,, I need to upload payment befor my time pass,,,, I need help ,,, what wil I do.

  70. I have made payment to my sponsor since Tuesday 17th January 2017 and he has activated me. but I an yet to be assigned referrers who will make payment to me. What can I do as this is becoming uncomfortable for me.

  71. Comment here…what is wrong with twinkas,,,, I paid someone today I hav been trying to login to upload my payment details but network is bad,,,, someone should tell me what to do befor my time pass

  72. pls all,
    how do I unhide my pin? I clicked hide pin on my dash board and when I was paid I couldn’t activate the person becos my pin is no more showing

  73. hello admin nice work replying to peoples questions as u do. from experience please how long does it take to give someone another referral if one of them didnt payup ontime? eagerly waiting for that veteran package.

  74. I have been having difficulty in login to my acct since morning to confirm those dat paid me. Till now, I can’t login ,what is d cause pls?
    It keeps telling me , network error.
    Na only my network never ready?

  75. Comment here…pls my dear friend in christ this was my first time since i notice it i made the 5k on monday 16 and made another 10k on 19 been thursday they ar all activated but they hav not marged me even d old one pls sir am not trying to disturbed u all d money i use none is nine someone want me to register him my brother am bit afraid are they still going to pay me pls i need ur advice no one is perfect pls should i wait to be paid d one i already done or should i go ahead and registerd d person pls my brother i need ur help God bless

  76. Frenzy, I have registered and activated since 16 of January 2017 I and my 11 friends and up till now we havt gotten downliners nor gotten paid please what’s the problem they are on my neck cos I was the person who told them about this platform and registered them,please reply,are we going to get paid or not let’s know our stand thanks

  77. My name is Alokalam Stanley…since on the 24th night i transfered money to Grace C Madubuike, after calling her, i have been trying to reach her up till this moment her lines are not reachable….i look forward to your quick response

  78. Pls I just joined and am asked to pay but d sponsors no is off and I don’t won’t to b blocked what do I do I have 11hours remaining

    • Don’t pay till you speak with your sponor.. so in this case just wait till your time elapse, the system will exit you from the package then you join the package again

  79. Comment here…Pls Freenzy help b/4 i get lost. I registered since 16/01/2017 under 5k pakage , was marged with a suposed sponsor & i paid him same day uploaded every uploadable. uptil nw i ‘ve nt bn margd wit my downliners and wen i luk @ my wallet it keeps saying unactivated money pending users & @ de top left conner of my profile i alwaz notice ativate money, but i ‘ve bn gvn my actv pin honnestly i am confused.

  80. Pls someone payed me and uploaded but I upgraded my package,thinking that I can still confirm him but now I can’t find the person on my down lines to confirm,pls what do I do

  81. Comment here…plz i register since 18, 19, 20 and those people i register are on my neck they are caling me abt their money plz wen are they going to pay me just avoid their problem. The first time i register this its only stay for four days and they pay me what is wrong nw.

  82. One thing about us humans is that we are impatient… I registered someone too since last week and they haven’t paid. D person is just disturbing me, but I let him know that twinkas said on or before 21days. Pls let’s be patient. And wait till that 21days.m then if we are not paid. We can complain. If anyone keeps disturbing u. Tell them to go to d site and read everything about twinkas… And if they can’t access it then u open it and screenshot it and send it to them. Before twinkas go vex for us say we nor dey appreciate… Pls let’s wait till that 21days… Our blood too dey hot self

  83. Pls I was merged to pay someone on the 18th January,2017 and now this is 26th and I am yet to be paid to why the delay? Pls I need an encouraging reply.

  84. Comment here… What wil i do i pay to someone and he activat me bt i can’t see my seif activated. I hav try to switch account bt i dnt knw d process plz what wil i do.

  85. Please, Mr. Freenzy, I need a detailed explanation on this. I called my Sponsor on his 2 lines and he asked me to go ahead and make payment so that he will activate me. However, immediately I made the transfer to his account and uploaded evidence of payment, my Sponsor switched off his two phones since morning and my time will soon elapse. Please, if he doesn’t activate me, what will be my fate. I am waiting for for your kind reply. Thanks.

  86. I activated my account on 9th 10k package but up till this moment I have no downliner yet. Pls ur response is urgently needed.

  87. I have paid to my sponsor and i have attached my acknowledge info and called my sponsor but have yet to pay what is my fate?

  88. I mistakenly confirmed someone that has not paid me because the activation button was running and so I activated it .

    Please what do i in this case?

  89. Pls Sir Freenzy, we have my Referral, Invitation Referral & at the top of the screen we also have Invite member Via Referral. Pls sir, which one should i click to add referral that will give me the 5% bonus? pls sir, i need your reply.

  90. How long does it takes 4 dem to replace d referral dt refused to pay..its more Dan 24 hrs..am still seeing him on my dashboard. I want to do anoder package.he is slowing me down.

  91. Is twinkas still paying??? Since two weeks i registered someone with 5k, she hv not been paid.. And a week i registered my self nd 3 other persons, 50k each yet we hv not been paid… What is happening???

  92. I was merge to pay some one yesterday, i have paid him that same yesterday but he refused to activate me, i don’t want to be blocked ,right now he doesn’t not pick my calls

  93. Hello,pls i need your help,i transfered to my referral bank acct ,but his yet to activate me,after serveral calling,his not picking up,and its taking so long,am scared what if he dont activate me,is dat a lost ?HELP

  94. Comment here…pls help me out i have done payment but since yestday the guy have not Corfam it and now is number is off what will i do now,and i have upload my proof already…..and since i have done dat hope the time we stop counting ?…….

  95. Hi I was matched to pay 10K n I paid n he got d alert n confirmed me before I uploaded the screen shot of the evidence of payment, my dashboard shows I am now a sponsor and I have been activated n I don’t see him on my wall anymore. Does that mean I have been confirmed without uploading the payment evidence? N I hope it dsnt have any effect for not uploading

  96. Please my dashboard is saying “you account has been activated by twinkers , activate money” what does that mean; cos I have paid and had been confirmed since 19th…still waiting to get matched however, I have a friend that paid 20th and had been matched. Does my account have a problem with that notification ?

  97. someone upload that she has paid were as she hasn’t and later admit that it was an error so I declined her, and it’s showing activation in court so what should I do and how can I contact the admin

  98. Comment here…someome made fake upload which later claimed as a mistake and I declined the her since then it been showing activation on court so what should I do

  99. Comment here…pls. two persons were to pay me. one person has paid & I’ve confirmed it. De 2nd person is yet to & there’s no how I’ll confirm money dat I’ve not received. Now I’m seeing activation in court. Hope I’m not guilty oo

  100. Halo
    i paid to a sponsor but couldnt upload payment details now my dash board shows me am yet to be assigned a sponsor and ive paid already what the best way to go about the issue thank
    NB she has seen the funds and said she has confirmed but am yet to be activated

  101. Pls sir i need urgent reply, what is d meaning of “activation in court” bcos i declined activation of one of my referal dat uploaded fake payment. How many days it wil take dem to do justice to d matter

  102. Pls am already a member of twinkas as nd Ave used my personal bank details. Am planning to invite someone who doesn’t have a bank account can she use my bank account

  103. Comment here…pls i just registered i have been merge to pay to some one account tomorrow morning, but while i was registering confirmation pin was shown to me i tried to copy it but it went off, pls how do i get it back, i cant make payment without it pls reply

  104. Comment here…hey! pls why is it that when I login to my account I will always see at the top of my profile ( your account has been verified by twinkas. Activate money) after I’ve made a payment and I’ve not been able to activate it, its about a week now.
    pls help thanks.

  105. Pls some one should help me ohoooo I just finished paying and about to upload but the system is telling me maintenance mode and my time would soon elapse. What should I do…

  106. I have being activate for the pass two weeks yet I have not being paid and why is it that they pay the one of 20000and 10000 thousand naira so fast in less Dan one week while the one of 5000 will stay up to two weeks and before u will get paid,is annoying bcos 10 people that I registered have being paid and I havt being paid more than two weeks now

  107. I just tried to log into my account now, its saying maintenance on. But they didn’t give us any notice before that. And pls what’s the maintenance for?

  108. Pls, why is it that when i want to login into the system, it will say that oops maintainance mode on.But the was no prior information for that. And when will they be through with the maintainance.

  109. I made a payment today and d person I paid to confirmed it Bt am unable to login cos the login details is telling me oops, maintenance mode is on…plz reply nd tell me what to do

  110. Plz I payd someone today nd d person confirmed me bt am tryin to login Bt d site is giving me a reply of maintenance mode is on..plz what shuld I do?

  111. I paid to Ajadobi Peter Chukudi,on Satursday night sum of N50,000,I called him severally to confirm me,he promised to do that,but since Sunday morning had been switched off,so what do i do?

  112. freenzy i can not loging to my account since morning any time that i try to login is telling me maintainance is on i dont understand.

  113. i got activated on wednesday do l need to invite people before before l wil get my pay and now l try logging in and they are writing maintainance check

  114. I mistakenly hid my activation code and I have try to open my acct in different browser but it is still.not showing my activation code. How can I get my activation code please help me.

  115. Mr freenzy, pls I understand dat it takes a maximum of 21days to be matched but it seems dat all those dat paid there sponsors from 16th – 17th of January are having delays in getting there downlines…I believe it should be looked into before it gets complicated

  116. I can’t open twinkas platform on my computer sys. it only opens once in a while on my phone. I don’t think that is very safe, since twinkas instructed that the platform should not be accessed through mobile device. Plz can i get a secure URL for easy and more secure access to twinkas

  117. Gudmorning, pls my account has been activated since on the 19th of January but I have not been paid. Hope there is no problem

  118. I just registered and am given a sponsor. Is it the sponsor that l will pay to? After payment and uploading, wat is nex? Pls guide me

  119. I just registered and am given a sponsor. Is it the sponsor that l will pay to? After payment and uploading, wat is nex? Pls guide me

  120. Comment here…freenzy pls i ve trying to reg 4 3 dys now .i cant fill d critical informatn line,so after it will show oops 2 more informtn to fill.pls what do i do.

  121. hello, pls i just joined twinkas, i tried to join a package but under where am suppose to sign up its saying connecting, wat do i do

  122. i have been trying to upgrade since yesterday to 50000 package but it shows connecting since yesterday….some times other packages like 5000 , 10000, 20000 will show but 50000 will be showing connecting….pls i hope the system is normal, thanks

  123. Hello Freenzy. I just registered. But I can’t seem to click on the package so I can be merged with a sponsor. What’s the problem ?

  124. Pls Frenzy,we can’t seem to get a sponsor. All the packages are just showing ‘connecting’ for the past two days now. What could be wrong.

  125. Pls freenzy, I’m having a problem of login in to my account even when using puffin browser its still giving me difficulties. Pls what should I do?
    And I also want to upgrade to the next package how will I go through it thanks.

  126. Good morning freenzy,
    Pls I want to upgrade to another package, and I’m also having problem of login to my account
    Pls help thnx

  127. Pls I paid someone today but I did not put my four digit pin and the network brcam bad.. Pls what do I do… And I HV already transfer to my sponsor.. Pls help

    • Morning Tessy,
      your sponsor would have acknowledged your payment by now i suppose. pls to avoid network issues, try accessing the site late in the evening and morning hours on wards. the traffic is always less during such times.

  128. hello mr.freenzy pls I activated my account by making an assigned payment. ive been told to activate my downlines but I don’t know what this means. after payment am I to just wait till I am matched or am I to do smthg else. ur response is very much appreciated.

  129. Mr Freency pls if I register 100k now, how many weeks will it take for me to get the cash, since 50k is taking almost 2weeks.

  130. pls when I am matched to pay someone the persons details don’t appear in my dashboard, and when I registered I chose a package,or do I need to join a package second time?

  131. Pls Mr frenzy I mistakenly hide my activation code or pin without copying it and ave used another broswer to see if it will unhide but still did not show. pls what do i do to get d activation code back.

  132. please Admin, i have been merge to pay someone this morning, and when i callled to inform him he said i cant paid into his account Becouse he havnt update his BVN With his bank. And my time is running. Pls wht do i do?

  133. Please I mistakenly signed up for another package while I am already on a a different package. I don’t want to be on two packages. How do I handle this since I have been paired to make the payment which I will not do. Will my account be blocked?

  134. hello, pls I didn’t put my acc no when filling in my details pls
    help me out…cos have already paid n my acc activated. and also I don’t have 4 digit pin

  135. Hello,
    Twinkas is a wonderful platform but my only fear is that has the provision been made for it to accommodate as much as 3 to 5 million participants? This is because if the provision is not made i forsee problem of too many participants that the server may not be able to accommodate.
    Has adequate provision been made to accommodate a large number of participants?

  136. Hello frenzy,pls I need advise on this, I am new twinka and didn’t really know the essence of pin until I got referrals called to pay me and eventually paid.I can confirm them cos I don’t/can’t find the pin on dashboard anymore.I feel guilty cos I ought to have kept d pin safe.can some tin be don on dis.I googled and got the advise of downloading Google chrome beta ,log out and in d it will show. I dint work for me.I feel guilty as I want to refund my referrals if possible or better still can twinkas do sometin .

    • To see your hidden activation PIN, logout from your dashboard and clear your browser cache then login again or better still download puffin browser and login, you will see the PIN

  137. hi admin. I did the 20k package. I was given 2 referrals one paid the other did not till she got blocked. they haven’t replaced her. what do I need to do?

  138. Pls, how can I retrieve my activation pin.
    I mistakenly clicked on the box (copy and hide) and it’s been hidden. I can’t access it.

  139. hello. i have payed my sponsor nd have been activated bt when i try to login, i alway see ur account has been verified by twinkas, Activate money? what does it mean please

  140. my account is showing me u have been verified by twinkas and is also asking to activate money when i have made my payment .what does that mean?

  141. Hello Admin, I am interested in joining this platform, but there is something I don’t understand, if I pick up the premium package would I be allowed to go for a higher package subsequently?

  142. can i use one account number to run two twinkas .if no can i change the account details .and i hope it will not affect chances of been paid

  143. pls sir Freenzy, i have Two referrals, Male & Female and the Female one Called me, that she is going to pay me, since Morning No response, but the Male one has Not even called me, they Have only 9hrs left and now is evening. WHAT SHOULD I DO PLS?, Reply back pls sir, You response is important to me

  144. Hello frenzy…somebody created my account for me but subsequently I have registered 3 persons and I have not gotten any referall bonus.will i still get?

  145. Pls how can I withdraw my money from e-wallet . Am finding it difficult to withdraw or join package with the money I made their.I have upto the required amount in Twinkas.

  146. Comment here…pls twinkas, u guys are doing a gud job, i registerd today in twinkas and i prayed its work out cos have been scam in many platform, hope dis platform is nt a scam, nd wen u registered nd u did nt upload ur picture, hope it wil nt affect ones pay, nd wot is d usefulness of d pin. I dont understand tanks.

  147. Uchenna use PUFF BROWSER or U.C BROWSER is so fast….u will login immediately
    And like I said…10k package pays so fast within 4days u are paid

  148. I mistakenly hide my pin without knowing d 4 digit pin I can’t activate those day pay me since moni I ve bn trying to reach twinkas but to no avail. Please I nid help those people they r on my neck. Hw can I bring out d pin…..

  149. Please Mr Freenzy, how long does the case stay in Court before action is taken,…someone uploaded a fake Pop for my mom and it has been in Court since two days now.

  150. I wish to join twinkas, but throughout today when I begin to register the system keep telling me invalid email or incorrect phone number. What do I do.

  151. Hi….pls I need to get my activation code back, I have been paid and I can’t confirm payment. The people involved are cussing me out and I really hate this. I have written to admin, no response. I have also followed d instruction u gave pple with d same challenge, still can’t get it. Pls what else can I do as I really want to confirm these people. Btw, I think admin shd do somtin about d activation code, it can be easily hid and once hidden it’s a problem to get it back. When u hide something, should there not be another place for “show”, since hide and delete are not the same.pls reply.

  152. I have been unable to log into my 2nd account as the system keeps saying “Oops! Login details not found. Try using your email or username. Use password reset in extreme cases”.
    I have used my Username and email i wrote down, but none has worked.
    I can log into my 1st account so it is unlikely due to network issues.
    I am worried they will pair me with someone, who will think I have failed to pay.
    Please what can i do?
    What are my options?
    How do i get in touch with Admin?

  153. i forgot my pin how do i get back because i have just been paid today but i need to activate those who paid me so that their money dont get wasted. please help so that i dont give this site bad reputation

  154. some body has give me his or her own hard earn money but i have been unable to activate the because i didnt write the activation pin somewhere and i dont have by heart also the pin is not displaying on my dashboard, twinkas help me please

  155. when l made a payment to someone how would l no when to get my money in return and how will l make request or the page to make requet and more explain pleae

  156. Someone help me to register on twinkas, but I cannot log in from my own android phone.it usually writes that user name, email, password cannot be found. Pls what can I do.

  157. I have paid my sponsor since Feb 10 and I have been activated. my pending wallet is still 0.00.
    pls what does that mean Mr. frenzy

  158. Hello pls some body help me d porson that registered me made a mistake on my phone number so 1figure is in currect on my num,pls hw can change d number in other to pay to some body dt marched for me to pay incase my own time so dt whos ever it may be get me directly pls i need respond my time is runing thanks

  159. I have been seeing comments that 10k pay so fast within 6 days and so on. Please o, I have paid and have been activated since the 5th of Feb, 11 days now, I hope there is is nothing I’m not doing that I ought to hv done cos I haven’t seen anyone call me, nobody on my dashboard..
    Please help! Thanks

  160. Please when you opened account with twincas and you made a misstacke with your bank account can you cheng your account after creating it

  161. Hello Mr Freenzy,
    I must commend your efforts here taking out time to attend to as many people as possible. Well done!
    Having heard and read so much about Twinkas, I would love to sign-up under you. Could you share your referral link here? or do you have a whatsapp group I can join?
    Hoping to hear from you soon…

  162. Hey bro, u doing good job, thanks. I want to help 8 old women to register on twinkas but want me to help them to manage their accounts, they want me to use my account number and phone number to register them so as to make d process easier. Will it work hope I won’t be block.

  163. Comment here…please i hv registered 2persons under me.and my curent walet nw is 1500.when it get to 10k as stated below can i withdraw?mr frenzy.and i hv nt been given a sponsor yet what wil i do

  164. I have been try to open my twinkas account since yesterday but telling me Error not found. Network error.

    Please what does that mean.

    Awaiting your prompt reply please.


  165. HELLO ALL,
    I got a call this morning from one OBINNA EZE informing me he has been merged to pay me on the 50K package. I asked him to proceed and upload afterwards so i can activate him immediately. He then said ” I hope this ur phone line receives alert o, cos i want the activation right away”. I answered, “bros, go ahead, once i get the payment, i would activate u at once”. Minutes later, I got a credit alert on my phone tied to TwinKas, from “Access Bank” (my bank on TwinKas). Meanwhile, my phone tied to my bank is entirely different. I laughed.. He called me again minutes after the fake alert got in, to confirm i have seen the payment. I told him yes, and he said I should activate him immediately. I said OK sir! I just want u to be aware of this, as an uprise of such fraud might cripple the system which has been the strongest so far. I wonder how many persons he must have defrauded! I wonder how many accounts he must have registered. Please look into this and close all his accounts tied to his bank account(s) His details :
    Ezenwa Obinna
    Enugu State

    • I registered the 20k package on the 6th of feb, got matched on the 16th of feb and was paid yesterday- the 17th. Twinkas is paying…!

  166. Good afternoon , pls I lost my twinkas activation number and my referral are on my neck please help me out to get the number back, I left with an hour now.

  167. Gloria Twinkas is the best #5000 that I paid in since I even taught that money has gone but today three persons were merged to pay me #15000 in return tans to Twinkas two persons has paid me remaining one and I know that person will also pay me so keep Twinking

  168. Good afternoon am new to twinkas,registered yesterday, paid a sponsor, got activated today.It says am now a sponsor but my wallet is still showing zero,i did 10k package, is anything wrong?

  169. Please the number with which I use to browse is not the same with which I used to register with my bank.do I use the one I register with bank to register or browsing one ❔or use both numbers❔

  170. I’m Tunde. I paid #50000 on 13 / 2 / 2017 for the ultimate package but surprised to be activated on the #20000 premium package.pls kindly advice on what to do as I was supposed to be matched today for collection. I also mistakenly sign up for another ultimate package today, how can i cancel this? and hope it wont affect my previous order.

  171. good day am trying to get a sponsor since morning and its showing register in the classic package and i wanted to register for the 50k package. plz whats wrong?

  172. Good Morning Mr Frenzy,
    Nice job you are doing here. Is the 50k package now taking longer than usual? This is the second time i am running it. The first time i was paid on the 9th day, today is the 12th for the second time i’m running it and i’m yet to get matched.
    Best regards.

      • Looks like they have repelled the old policy now from what i read this morning. They should be careful not to send panic. Nigerians are yet to get over the loss from the last scheme MMM.

  173. Pls, I mistakenly joined 10,000 package after paying 5,000 to my sponsor in my previous package, pls how can i cancel it? and hope it would’nt affect the 5000 package?

  174. Freenzy, I am seeing on my Dashboard ” Your account has been verified by twinkas. Activate Money”.
    Under list of packages I saw Premium (20k) with red colour “Activate now” and I am already on Premium.
    I am new, what should I do?

  175. Hello Dear, We solicit with you due to the recent policy that has really affected the payment process. This was as a result of the balancing in all the packages. Therefore, we urge you to stay put while all the packages run at the same pace. Thanks for your candour! pls dat is the notice i saw on my dashboard but i dont undstand it

  176. Dear Freenzy,

    If you are anyway related to, or u communicate constantly with the “admins” of Twinkas, please advise them that except its their intention to collapse the scheme, they should leave the registration and payment process as simple as it was. How do they expect people to register when there is no clear indication of payment process. They just got everything complicated, and intending new members whom originally can register on their own, cannot do so anymore, thereby causing a gradual collapse of the circle.

  177. Please 2 people were asked to pay me only 1 did but the 2nd person uplaoded fake payment details so I declined his payment
    Its showing activation pending case in court .. What should I do?

  178. please I was supposed to pay my sponsor since yesterday but couldn’t cos I was using mobile app,now my time is up,wat do I do to extend my time as I don’t want my account to be blocked

  179. Good job frenzy,

    I took my time to go through all the messages and ur responses to them.



  180. Please how do I delete an account on twinkas,while I intended to join,I asked some one to help me open an account but she didn’t n took so much time.later I registered by myself but recently people call me asking me to pay them that I’ve been matched with them n I discover its not in my dashboard.later on I discovered another account was opened for me,how do I delete this account as I don’t have the login in details

  181. Pls I joined yesterday and was merged to pay #20,000 to a sponsor and after confirmation I saw #10,000 on the current amount on my wallet. Can someone explain pls. Secondly when will I be paid?

  182. i travel out town so i can long in to my account again can i still used my old account to open other one again ….. i want to know if the site is working well now i head of what happen to the people on looperclub i hope twinkas is working on


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