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See what Police did to a Corper in Owerri over 100 Naira Bribe (Photos)

Posted on: September 17th, 2017

See what Police did to a Corper in Owerri over 100 Naira Bribe (Photos)

A young National Youth Service Corp, NYSC member, Benjamin David who has come out to narrate how Mobile Policemen in Owerri brutalized him for refusing to give them 100 Naira bribe in Owerri, Imo State Capital.

“The 15th day of September 2017 is a day I wish had not come. This is the day I experienced the brutality of the Nigerian police.

On that fateful day I was driving to Uyo to collect my certificate, when I got to control post Owerri around 11pm I heard there was a curfew at Aba and I decided to pass the night there. The place was busy with commercial activities going on. I packed the same way I say other vehicles, tricycles and lorries were packed.

“After 10 minutes a mobile policeman came and bang on my side glass and I wound down. He demanded for 100naira security Levy and I don’t have any money on me so I told him I have exhausted all my money on fuel and am a Corper, I told him where I am going to and why I decided to spend the night there.

See what Police did to a Corper in Owerri over 100 Naira Bribe (Photos)

“I showed him my identification card but he insisted I must pay for the Levy else he deflate my tyres. When he started deflating the rear tyre and I pleaded with him to let me move away the bus from there, he refused and continued to deflate the tyre. I went into the bus to move it away but he pulled me back and started hitting me with his gun.

“Two of his colleagues joined him in the process with stick and guns hitting me all over my body until other drivers intervened. I sustained open injury on my right eye and bruises on my shoulder, chest and back as a result of the attack.

“I went to mobile base Owerri to lodge complain but when I told them it was about police brutality, I was referred to another police station close to the state police headquarters. I went there and I was told to forget about the case but if I insist I should go to new Owerri police station.

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“When I got there I lodged my complain and I was asked if I wanted to make case with the Nigeria police. I told them I only came to tell them what policemen did to me and not to make case with them. I was told to go and come back in the morning.

“When I came back in the morning I was told that the human right activist that will handle my case is not around
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