Yet Another One! BSU Students Protest Hike In Sch Fees, BlockMajor Road


Yet another one again. As the UNIPORT protest was going on, which sent two students to their early graves, Benue State University students were also protesting almost the same cause-hike in their school fees.

For example the acceptance fees for freshers was increased from N5000 to N25000 according to the students.

The ever busy Makurdi-Gboko federal highway was blocked for at least four hours leaving travelers stranded on the high way.

Placards such as “Reverse this unpopular decision”, “the new fee is anti people”, “our parents cannot afford this” and “we did not
bargain for this,” were all displayed freely by the students.

Indeed, is it that the economy of the country has now affected tertiary institutions? If yes, are the  students to be blamed? Please don’t put unnecessary pressure on them.

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