Dubai police declare all Nigerians in Deira wanted

All blacks in Deira, are in hideout. there is a warrant of arrest for all after some groups of suspected stabbed CID, So the Dubai police arrests all blacks without minding the nationality

“A Group of 6 Nigerian boys yesterday stabbed a ClD many times to death in Deira which is the heart of business in Dubai. This has resulted to the massive arrest of blacks despite their nationalities.

Equally, a ban has been placed on Nigeria. The United Arab Emirates will no longer issue visas to Nigerians anymore.

Those of you who have relatives in Dubai should be warned. The atmosphere is so hot most especially for those without permits .

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Nigerians have painted us black again. If there should be good people remaining on this earth, the Emiratis are some of them!

Why why why Nigeria? Not only are you going down for this wicked action but other black race in general.”


  1. Authority says

    Bullshit how do we know they were Nogerians? Cos these days any black African is a Nigerian. How sure are the authorities ? It abnormal to declare all Nigerian wanted. Nonsense.

  2. Adewale says

    Please, anyone with the latest news about police arresting Nigerians in Deira, Dibai as I am planning to take a trip to Dubai next week. Though, my destination is Sharjah but I heard that they are arresting all blacks in Deira. Since Deira is in Dubai and I will land at Dubai International Airport. Any advise please.

  3. Barcary says

    Your case is different because your date entering is enough to tell it all

  4. Ade says

    Ade wale postpone your journey…my warning!

  5. Fastest updates says

    Very bad. When will all this nonsense stop?

  6. ola says

    Is a big lied, I called Dubai immigration on this issued and i was told there’s nothing like that they are issuing visa for Nigerian. what a big shame to thisdays news. You should make a proper investigation before posting bad new on your citizen.

  7. EDIE says


  8. EDIE says

    NO MIND THEM JARE.HOW ARE THEY SURE THEIR NIGERIANS ..MANY NIGERIANS ARE THERE DOING LEGITIMATE WORK CONTRIBUTING TO THE NATIONS ECONOMY.make your trip no body will molest you for a crime you do not commit as long as you law abiding

  9. Adaobi nkemdinum says

    Please please please,,,, what is all this bullshit,,,, I need a good evidence.,.. See stop tarnishing Nigeria name,,,,, na only naija be black wey dey Dubai??????? Abeg to hell… We are blessed so dey should stop hating haba

  10. des says

    Comment here…I think I believe you Ola, b’cos even gulf news has not carried this news.
    meanwhile the news seems baseless.
    Am expecting my work entry permit soon. I pray all this things are not true. Please send me the immigration toll-free line ok

  11. Easyman flowmaster says

    You need to shut da fuxk up ,if u asking how they know ita nigerians why don’t u ask how they know it’s 6 people ,uounthink the people ayupid as to not know what happened , or youbthonk its here in Nigeria where the police can’t even verify your identity but can verify how much money you are carrying from miles away . OK if they assuming every black is Nigerian , don’t Americans got black that look Nigerian , Ghana, siwria Leone Liberia and others ,

  12. Ohlerbecee14 says

    How many of you commenting here lives in d UAE?
    The claim is a blatant lie!!!!!
    There is nothing like stabbing any CID agent here. There nothing like arresting any black skinned ppl here!!!
    All is just to cause some stupid fuzz in the air.
    I love and work here and as a matter of fact I go to deira (main biz hub of Dubai) , my friends works there in deira, in fact close to naif police station sef and NOTHING has happened to them and nothing ofcourse is happening!!!
    If we are declared ”wanted” , then it’ll be a national thing we have Nigerians living in all part of the Emirates, no arrest or molest has been done to us.

    Mind what you pass around plsssssss

  13. francis says

    Why should people come up with such an idea,i had about this when am on vacation in my country Nigeria,i came back 4 days ago,resume my work in dubai,have been living and working in UAE For years now,this news is big lies,i have black friends everywhere living in UAE.please stop spreading fear and hates

  14. Kenny says

    I stay in UAE and nothing like this happened in UAE. Funny, no UAE indigene can be seen working as a bouncer as Tis Day Newspaper has suggested, I can’t laugh enough for that though. And u would hardly see a UAE indigene in Deira. I don’t even know what to say to u. Dull cook up, full of lies. Or maybe u didn’t make ur findings well

  15. HENNY says

    To Whom It May Concern,

    We: The Concerned Nigerians Resident In UAE wishes to inform all and sundry that the unofficial and fake news making the rounds in Dubai for the past few weeks have been propagated by a group of people based in Deira sympathetic to the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra from present day NIGERIA.

    Hence, these shallow minded people and their collaborators have over the years propagated and promoted hate stories and news in and outside Nigeria at the slightest opportunity.

    They are the bunch of criminals that have carried out such blackmail of the Nigerian State in UK, USA & Norway, where they have failed.

    Now they are using Dubai as a base. In June 2016, they propagated a similar story but was cut short cos the lies was easily detected as it was allover the internet.

    They have restrategized, this image denting news has no evidence to it nor an official confirmation from the authorities in UAE nor The Nigerian Embassy.

    If it had happened, please ask the rumour monger, which part of Deira exactly, time and precise date.

    We are not shy to be Nigerians and the defender of of our unity, name and image.

    Please Share To Save This Foolery.

    Courtesy: Concerned Nigerians In Dubai.

  16. cloud says

    Henny you have said it all, God bless you

  17. Jane says

    Has any single person(male or female) gone to Dubai from October 2016?? With a tourist visa..Pls let us know if they issue visa to Nigerian below 40

  18. bishopbigshow says

    please I need ur advise here
    am working my way out to Dubai so I really need ur advise

  19. Olawale says

    Please someone should confirm this for me, my agent said Dubai immigration has stoped granting entry permit for Nigerians for now, because of the police that was killed.

  20. Sophie says

    You are the one who needs to zip up, u can tell six by mere sight, but u cant tell someones Nationality just by seing them, the boys are at large, so how did they verify their nationality, It is a valid question

  21. Julius says

    I don’t know how you are questioning the integrity of DUBAI police, before they lay a claim they know exactly who is who. It’s not Nigeria where we only have criminal arresting crimals or suspect for a crime.

  22. Julius says

    Do a proper finding bro, the person whom u called gave u a wrong information, Dubai has banned Nigerian visa for certain period of time.

  23. Julius says

    There was mass arrest of blacks, I was even a victim late November, when these group of CID broke open the doors of my house and took every male they can find, excluding female to their General headquarter where they checked biometric identity of everyone. Meaning they are looking for some criminals . They did the same to every houses where blacks lives that night, and the operation is still on

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