Video showed that Chibok girls are still alive

The video is believed to have been filmed last year and given to negotiators as proof of life.


A “proof of life” video purportedly made by Boko Haram has been released, showing a group of kidnapped from a Nigerian boarding shool two years ago.

The video, obtained by CNN shows 15 hijab-wearing girls stating their names and confirming they were taken from Chibok Government Secondary School in the northeastern Nigerian town.

One girl outlines the date of the recording, December 25 of last year, and says “we are all well”.

CNN showed the video to mothers of the kidnapped girls, who broke down at the sight of their daughters.

However one mother was even more distraught to see her daughter absent from the group.

It is believed the video has been released to the wider public to give the girls’ parents hope, and encourage the government to act.

The video was originally sent to negotiators and some members of the government.

Over 270 girls were taken from Chibok on April 24, 2014, with most of them being Christian.

The question now is, are they still in Nigeria?

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