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Monkey Pox: Chaos in Anambra as unknown gunmen kill school pupils with injection

Last Updated on: October 11th, 2017
Monkey Pox

There is chaos in state now with most secondary and primary schools in the state shutting down on Wednesday morning after unconfirmed report of unknown gunmen kill school children with injections.

Onitsha, Nnewi, Ojoto, Oba, Awka, Ichi and other major metropolis in the state are in trouble with many parents rushing to various school to take their kids.

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Most schools in the major towns and cities are closing down over the unconfirmed rumor of students being injected with the new virus (Monkey pox) at a gun point.


According to report from a primary school Head mistress in Ozubulu:

” Some medical staffs came with some Army men to school to immunize pupils. After giving them injections, the pupils fell down and started vomiting blood.

“So we had to send the kids home and close school”



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