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Logic Set To Release Bobby Tarantino II Mixtape This Week

Last Updated on: March 8th, 2018


Bobby Tarantino is back. is set to release Bobby Tarantino II, the surprise sequel to his 2016 mixtape, this week.

The Maryland rapper announced the project with a “Rick and Morty”-inspired video that mocks the debate between “Mixtape Logic” and “Album Logic.”

Following the animated skit, a new Logic song begins blaring through the speakers, confirming the fact that Bobby Tarantino returns for a second installment on Friday (March 9).

On the as-yet-untitled track, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II brags about his new endeavors and his financial gains. “Not a single person works harder than Bobby,” he raps. “Just wrote a novel, starring in a movie, built another business, while you at the party / Ain’t one to flex, but yeah, I’m finna flex, I just parked the new i8 right next to the Audi / Copped that G-Wagon right there for my shawty.”

Young Sinatra has been teasing Bobby Tarantino II with a string of tracks, including “44 More,” “Overnight,” and the Marshmello-produced “Everyday.”


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