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List of World Oil Rich Countries Facing Recession now

Last Updated on: September 7th, 2016

Oil economy recession

The list of nations on the list and those on the brink of . Kindly note that other nations on the list have structures and reserves for the rainy days with the exception of Venezuela in terms of savings. Also IMF predicted that Venezuela would suffer and it is suffering greatly now, and that Nigeria’s case would be worse.

Countries In Recession Right Now:

1. Nigeria

2. Canada

3. Ecuador

4. Venezuela

5. Algeria

6. Brazil

7. Iraq

8. Russia

9. Libya

10. Azerbaijan

11. Kazakhstan

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Countries on Brink of Recession:

1. Mexico

2. Angola

3. Saudi Arabia

4. Qatar

5. UAE

6. China

Countries with no Recession:

1. USA

2. Iran

3. Kuwait.

Data Source: Worldatlas, Bloomberg, IMF as of June/July 2016.


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