Driver saves 59 children from Bursting Into flames in burning Bus


children and seven teachers miraculously escaped death after their schoolbus caught fire on the side of a busy motorway near Coleshill, Warwickshire, on Monday.
British media have praised a driver of another bus who spotted the fire and evacuated the young students from a burning vehicle moments before it was engulfed in flames and was completely destroyed.
Soon ambulance and paramedics arrived to the scene – five girls were taken to hospital, other children and the driver were treated for smoke inhalation.
Quick-thinking driver Paul Bingham, 44, recalled the incident: “I had just left Corley services. I was probably about 400 yards behind the incident and some of the kids had got off by then.
” I noticed a few flames coming from underneath the rear end from the engine so I pulled up on the hard shoulder. I had an empty coach so I said get them with me and away from their coach.


I just thought better one coach stopping than 30 or 40 cars. All I did was park my coach and said to the kids to sit down. There are much more heroic acts than that in life. I am just happy to do what I could to help them out.”

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