Chris Jeday – Ahora Dice (Remix) ft. Cardi B, Offset, Cardi B, Offset, Arcángel, Anuel AA, J. Balvin & Ozuna

Chris Jeday - Ahora Dice (Remix) ft. Cardi B, Offset J. Balvin & Ozuna

Download Chris Jeday – Ahora Dice (Remix) ft. , , Arcángel, Anuel AA, J. Balvin & MP3.

Cardi B and Offset team up with Balvin and Ozuna in Chris Jeday Ahora Dice called Real Hasta La Muerte Remix.

The trending Hottest female musician Cardi B teased fans few weeks ago about hopping on in biggest Latin hit song by Chris Jeday Ahora Dice remix Real Hasta La Muerte Remix.

Ahora Dice remix Real Hasta La Muerte Remix initially didn’t have Offset and Cardi B in it but only Balvin and Ozuna.

Original version of the song “Ahora Dice” was released last year which features J. Balvin, Ozuna and Arcángel. The video has over one billion views on YouTube and reached No. 4 on latin billboard.

Ahora Dice first version was such a success that’s why Chris Jeday decided to call on the two hottest hip-hop rappers now, Offset and his Fiancé Cardi B to join hin in what could be biggest song in this new year 2018.

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Cardi B started her verse with “You ain’t cherish shit when you had it
Turn me back to a savage
Grab your stuff while you at it
Now my heart as cold as my Paddock, uh”

Offset started his own verse with “I cannot let up (let up)
Hungry like a Gucci sweater (sweater)
Ain’t nobody drippin’ wetter (drippin’)
I took the time to write a letter (I took the time)”

While the chorus from Arcángel, J Balvin & Ozuna , J Balvin & Anuel AA goes like these;
Y ahora dice que no me conoce, no, no, no, no, no
Y si me ha visto se supone, que en el pasado fue
Yo sí me acuerdo cómo lo hacíamos
Cómo en la cama nos matábamos

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